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  • Listening to: Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire
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  • Watching: You
  • Playing: Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  • Eating: My Cousin's Soul
  • Drinking: Her Black Blood
It had been nearly five months since Akumu's death, and it was obvious Kid couldn't take much more. Suriru, concerned for his health, decided to ask Lord Death of any possible ways a shinigami could be revived. The answer, though, was elusive. It wasn't until later, while remembering Soul's Black Room, that she wondered if a shinigami could remain alive there. She asked Maka, then, how to enter another person's spiritual dimension. Maka understood, and agreed it was worth a try. They then asked Stein to aid in repairing any damage to Akumu's body. He agreed after hearing out their plans to resurrect Akumu. It was then that they went to tell Kid and Soul. The two agreed as well without any hesitation. The small group then went to inform Akumu's weapons, Sadako and Rei, of the plans. The day came, and they were ready to attempt to go into Akumu's spiritual dimension to bring her back. Stein wished them the best of luck before they were gone.
Getting into Akumu's spiritual dimension had been like swimming though a sea of black curtains, one after the other, until there was finally a faint, moon-like light. They stepped into a room with walls of dark violet, with drapes of mint green, purple, and crimson hanging on the walls. They glanced around, finding their attire had changed to a style more fitting in a Tim Burton film.
Then they spotted her, motionless, sitting in the middle of the dimly lit room; gazed focussed on the far wall. Her outfit was immensely different--A top resembling Freddy Krueger's, another top beneath that with a high collar, nearly the same color of the walls, gray pants torn at the ends, and matching black fingerless gloves and boots.
Kid: *steps forward* Akumu...?
Akumu: *turns slightly at the sound of her name*slowly stands*
Kid: *rushes to her and pulls her into a hug* Akumu! God, I was so worried!
Akumu: *silent*
Kid: *cups her cheek* Please, Akumu, please say something!
Akumu: *eyes well with tears* I'm cold...
Kid: What?
Akumu: I'm cold, Kid...Why am I so cold...? *she sobs, tears rolling down her cheeks*
Kid: *lightly kisses her* You're supposed to be dead, Akumu. That's probably why you're so cold. But that's why we're here. We came to bring you back. Stein's got everything ready for you.
Akumu: *eyes widen* You guys...came to get me?
Suriru: Of course. We missed you like crazy. We want you back, Aku-chan.
Sadako and Rei: *run and hug Akumu and Kid* We missed you so much!! *they begin crying*
Akumu: *pats their heads* I missed you too. Ok...let's go. I've had enough of being here.
Kid: *kisses her again* I missed you so much...*tears begin to roll down his cheeks*
Akumu: *kisses them away*takes his hand* Then there's no time to waste.
Akumu's body turned into it's soul form as soon as she exited her spiritual dimension, captured quickly by Suriru, and handed over instantly to Stein to be placed back into her body. It took nearly an hour, but her heart began to beat again. A few days later, Akumu awoke, blinking, body numb and stiff.
Kid: *leans over her*presses his forehead to hers* Welcome back, Akumu...
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Submitted on
October 22, 2012